Welcome to our class blogs!

These blogs aim to serve several purposes. First, they’re a way for the students to journal their thoughts, questions, and ideas concerning our class readings and discussions. It should help them recognize what they understand and what they still need to figure out. Second, the blogs will serve as a place for them to discuss the projects they’re working on for this class: further development on a website we began after a 2-week trip to Japan this summer and on a virtual Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple for Second Life, and presentations on Japanese religiousness at local high schools.

The blogs are also here for others (including you!) to see what studying about religiousness in Japan can be like. We’d love your comments and reactions to these ¬†blogs. Do you have similar questions or observations? Perhaps you’ve had experience with religion in Japan and could share that with us (see our Japan trip blogs, too).

Ideally, these blogs will take our discussion of Japanese religiousness out of the classroom and into the world. We look forward to your comments, questions, and insights!

Michael K. Roemer, Ph.D.


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